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Jingle Service




I started my jingle carrier through the business portal ‘’’’. Here I have had great success with many happy costumers as you can see in the reviews on the bottom of the page. I produce and compose music in almost every genre. To your left, you will be able to listen to all of my published work. Everything I compose is a completely unique product. If you would like me to produce your jingle, piece of music or something else, you are very welcome to contact me and get an offer. Thank you Rune


Jingle for You Tube Videos:

I can, with great warmth recommend Rune. – After having told what I wanted, I waited less than two days and Rune had a tune ready for me to use.

Christian Milbrat,

Music for military videos:

Rune has by request made music that fitted a number of
 small movie clips I made for the Danish Home guard [Home guard Centre Northern Jutland]. Rune was given the task of making music that would fit in with the action in the video clips, and he has done it well. It has been a good time working with Rune, and he always improved the sounds in case they did not fit in as I wished for. I would like to use Rune for the task any other time. 

Excellent job, great communication, products and a perfect service.

Hung Van Plungklang Nguyen, Denmark

Wow...great job! I was surprised at how quickly you delivered the into jingle and was unsure of how good it was going to be. But I am very impressed and it is going to fit perfectly into the theme of my video teaching series!


Fantastic work and all delivered ahead of schedule. Thanks so much! I'll for sure order again sometime. -KJH


Perfect service as expected, Even quicker than I expected and great communication as well as a great clip. Thank you


The seller did an excellent job. I really liked the music. Thank you.


Great communication and great product!